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About Healthcare Training and Education

Our mission is to address the needs of medical practitioners and educators by providing an easy to navigate online portal with the most relevant, up-to-date, resources on medical education, training, and simulation.

Preparing the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

HTE aspires to promote the best education and training practices for the next generation of healthcare professionals. Experienced professionals in medicine, simulation and training write our content to address the needs of medical practitioners, educators and academics around the world.

HTE features innovative healthcare practice information such as the latest simulations developed to train different medical professionals at different stages of their education. It also covers curriculum advancement to highlight the knowledge and skills needed to ensure patient safety and reduce healthcare costs.

Your Comprehensive Source for the Latest Healthcare News and Opportunities

In addition to our original content, HTE is your comprehensive source for a variety of other important healthcare industry tools and resources:

We even offer valuable advertising opportunities for healthcare companies who want to target industry professionals looking for their products and services.

A Division of The Halldale Group

Halldale is a modelling, simulation and training company in the B2B media space. Our company is unique by having a global team of expert writers who are also simulation and training experts. Halldale’s editorial team comprises of practicing medical training experts and ex-simulation industry professionals. Halldale has a dedicated publishing and event team working around the world.