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Interview with Dr. Isabel Gross

Dr. Isabel Gross shares her views with Judith Riess, Editor in Chief, on INSPIRE and their research network. Medical Training Magazine: Please tell us about your background.Dr. Isabel Gross: I am the Scientific Review Committee Co-Chair for INSPIRE...  Read more

Doctor Robot for You, Real Doctor for Me

DMV type medicine should not be allowed to replace competent caring physicians writes Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD. A couple of years ago, computer programs, algorithms, and glorified Google searches were touted as the replacements for a physician’s...  Read more

Advanced Modular Manikin: It’s a Platform and More

Group Editor Marty Kauchak provides an update on the Advanced Modular Manikin (AMM) project. The Advanced Modular Manikin (AMM) project is a collaborative effort between the US Defense Department, the University of Minnesota (prime) and the University of...  Read more