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The NHS at 70

lung cancer conference
The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its foundation begun in 1948. Designed to provide care, free of charge, on demand and at the point of delivery, the original aims of the service were to improve the health of...  Read more 

Saving Wounded Warriors

first aid, General Dynamics, wounds, warriors, medical training, navy, military, remote medical
Group Editor Marty Kaucha visited the Aeromedical Simulation Training and Education Center at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia in October. The center’s expanding, immersive training environment is sustaining the Air Force aeromedical evacuation...  Read more 

Florida Simulation Summit

information technology, leadership, Anatomage
September 22nd saw the second annual Florida Simulation Summit presented by Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. Its focus was on two growing areas of simulation activity, professional sports and healthcare and it is significant because Central Florida and...  Read more 

The Airlines and Avoidable Error

By Andy Smith, Publisher of and Medical Training Magazine The Times of London printed an editorial early this year by Professor, The Lord Darzi, on ‘Never Events’ – those catastrophic healthcare errors that are...  Read more 

A Healthcare Community Free of Blame?

healthcare, overdose, doctors
By Andy Smith, Publisher of and Medical Training Magazine Medical Training Magazine (formerly MEdSim) has long advocated the creation of a just culture for healthcare, similar to that of the airline industries ‘no...  Read more 

The Surgicon Foundation

Surgicon Foundation
Readers of MTM/MEdSim magazine will remember the Surgicon Conferences in Gothenburg, Sweden, the first to focus on the simulation of surgery and its potential to improve training, assessment and performance three years ago. The Surgicon Foundation has...  Read more