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Richard Boyd
As one of the creators of the Lockheed Martin Virtual World Labs, Richard leads a group of innovative engineers and designers across all mission areas for Lockheed Martin to harness cutting edge computer gaming and virtual world technologies to improve human performance. Richard joined Lockheed Martin in 2007 with the acquisition of 3Dsolve, a North Carolina based computer game technology firm where he was founder and CEO. Richard was also founding Chairman of award-winning casual computer game company Republic of Fun, which spun out of 3Dsolve at the time of the acquisition. Prior to that, Richard was CEO of, which was acquired in 2001. 3dVillage was a spin out of Virtus Corporation, where he served for a decade on the executive management team that created several pioneering computer gaming companies including Red Storm Entertainment, with author Tom Clancy; iRock Entertainment with Ozzy Osbourne; and Timeline Computer Entertainment, with author Michael Crichton. In addition to these duties over the years, Boyd has become a prolific industry speaker, logging numerous appearances and keynotes at major industry conferences such as Comdex, MacWorld, Windows World-London, NCGA, Web3D, I/ITSEC, ITEC, HIMSS, Mod SimWorld and the Meckler Virtual Reality conferences. He also spearheaded the effort to use real-time 3D computer graphics for movies including Warner Brothers' feature Fearless, a John Hay film titled The Steal, and during the pre-production phase of Brian de Palma's blockbuster Mission: Impossible at Pinewood Studios in London. With computer gaming pioneer David Smith, Boyd co-wrote an industry-leading book on VRML technologies, called The Virtus VRML Toolkit, that was widely distributed and translated into three foreign languages. Richard has served on several international standards and conference boards, including the 3D Industry Forum, the ADL Colab SCORM/S1000D Testbed, several I/ITSEC conference sub committees, the Triangle Game Initiative and the advisory board of the North Carolina Virtual Public Schools. Boyd is also a children’s book author and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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