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EMS Crews Play Vital Role in Community

Many people know them by a whirring siren, a blur of flashing lights or the thumping of a helicopter thousands of feet overhead. But, for those who have required Emergency Medical Services, the hard-working men and women who rush to the rescue are...  Read more

EMTs Bring the Emergency Room to the Patient

They’ve pulled injured people out of burning buildings, performed ice rescues, delivered babies while on the road, started IVs and intubations in the back of a truck, and revived far too many people who have overdosed on opioids with their ever-present...  Read more

Simulation Technology Improves Training Quality

Medical simulation technology has dramatically improved during the past decade. EMS providers are no longer limited to using manikins that are unable to respond dynamically to treatments provided them. Simply purchasing a high-fidelity manikin, however,...  Read more

State Unveils Mobile Emergency Training Trucks

HELENA — The state unveiled a new high-tech tool Monday that officials hope will save people’s lives someday. Three mobile simulation training trucks have been provided to the state through a $4.6 million grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley...  Read more