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Simulating Reality In An Emergency Ward

For many people, our concept of medical emergency procedures is informed by a lifetime of consuming television medical dramas. For anesthetists and medical staff, though, the emergency sim ward offers the most realistic insight into an emergency...  Read more

Waldwick Students First In Problem-Solving

Waldwick — For argument’s sake, let’s say that multi-colored balloons are patient heads. And that plum tomatoes Scotch-taped on the balloons are their eyes. Now, let’s imagine 10 teams of students from all over the state trying their very best to...  Read more

Keyport First Aid Hosting Big Cadet Competition

When a catastrophe strikes, like the massive Keyport fire in April, first aid squads from several towns respond. It helps if those squads have strong preexisting relationships. That’s the idea behind the Bayshore EMS Cadet Competition, which takes...  Read more