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Ivenix is introducing a new infusion system to enhance patient safety

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Ivenix is introducing their newest infusion system designed to enhance patient safety. The Infusion system brought infusion delivery into the digital age at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Conference. Attendees of the conference had the opportunity to learn and engage in the presentation by Ivyruth Andreica, PharmD, BSN, FISMP, Clinical & Medication Safety Pharmacist for Ivenix.

The Ivenix Infusion System was developed to improve pharmacy expertise and increase expert engagement throughout the infusion process with specialized tools. These specialized tools include web-based cross-departmental drug library collaboration to simplify updates and deliver information to the bedside efficiently. Live surveillance of the infusion process allows pharmacy teams to improve departmental workflow management. There is also a smartphone-like pump user interface and live dose guidance support that allows for accurate infusion programming.

“The Ivenix Infusion System is fundamentally different from any infusion technology on the market today,” says Susan Niemeier, MHA, BSN, RN, Ivenix Chief Nursing Officer. “Every year, infusion pumps are involved in more adverse events than almost any other medical technology. Ivenix addresses this problem from multiple perspectives to help ensure that infusions do no harm. We recognize that pharmacists are healthcare’s medication experts, and our infusion system enables hospitals to make the most of that expertise with tools that enable greater participation throughout the entire infusion process. That’s why we’re so excited to be demonstrating the technology at ASHP.”

The Ivenix Infusion System supports a hospital’s medication safety program through:

  • Patient-Centered Design: dramatically improves usability, infusion set-up efficiency and programming ease/
  • Integrated, Data-Driven Insights: securely manages infusion data and provides seamless interoperability with the MR and other hospital information systems.
  • Adaptive Fluid Delivery: ensures accurate and consistent medication flow under all operating conditions, regardless of the bag height, backpressure and fluid viscosity.

“The Ivenix infusion System empowers pharmacists with important new tools to promote improved patient safety and streamline the infusion process,” says Ivyruth Andreica.

Source: Business Wire

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