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Editor Discusses the Healthcare System

For too long we have looked at healthcare reform through its many parts rather than as a system. In a series of BBC Reith lectures Atul Gawande states this is “the century of the system”. Gawande argues that better systems can transform global...  Read more

Obesity Can Reduce Life By Up To 8 Years

The researchers behind the study analyzed data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), creating a disease-simulation model to estimate the risk of adults of different body weight developing diabetes and cardiovascular...  Read more

7 Days in July

On the 17th July Malaysian Airlines MH17 crashed in Ukraine, all 298 people aboard were killed, on the 23rd July, Transasia Airways, GE222 crashed on landing in Taiwan in bad weather with 48 fatalities and on the 24th July, Air Algerie, AH 5017 crashed...  Read more