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Patient Safety Movement begins in Middle East

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The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) partnered with the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA)to establish the first patient safety movement in the Middle East to help eliminate preventable deaths.

This move by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority to address patient safety is the first step to enabling hospitals to open the conversation and put programs in place that protect hospitals and patients from hospital errors to improve patient safety, says Joe Kiani, founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

The topic of patient safety is a shared responsibility and of vital importance across the globe, according to PSMF. In the United States, where the PSMF originated, the focus is on collaborating and breaking down information silos that exist between hospitals, medical technology companies, the government and other stakeholders. Working in collaboration with industry leaders, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation has developed actionable patient safety solutions (APSS) that enabled thousands of hospitals to prevent hospital errors and increase patient safety. In early 2017, more than 3500 hospitals from 43 countries across the globe made commitments to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to save more than 69,519 lives.

In Dubai and across the Middle East, DHCA is introducing the movement to provide a medium for the exchange of actionable ideas within health care systems to improve the coordination of care for patients and positively impact their quality of life and those of their loved ones. The Dubai Healthcare City Authority Roundtable will identify patient safety themes, establish the scope and framework of the movement and discuss partnership opportunities.

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