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Magazine published: 1st, November 2018

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Editor’s Comment Editor-in-Chief Judith Riess posits on how “smart healthcare” could be the wave of the future.

Health Education England and Technology Enhanced Learning: Health Education England established a Technology Enhanced Learning programme to deliver the most effective education and training through evidence-based technology.

The Future of Robotics in Surgery: Surgical robots are about to face a miniature version of the .com boom the internet companies experienced. Roger Smith, CTO of Florida Hospital Nicholson Center explains.

Dynamic Perfused Cadaver: Diverse Solution to Surgical Simulation Needs: Human cadavers have re-emerged in surgical simulation across many different industries offering “a more realistic training experience.”

The Return on Investment Problem in Simulation: Melissa Mathews identifies common mistakes and describes the necessary steps to conduct a ROI investigation.

NMSC Conference Report: The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s iEXCEL and NSRI center hosted the National Modeling and Simulation Coalition (NMSC) annual meeting. Andrew Smith provides a report.

Digital Issue Exclusive — Mass Casualty Training: This digital exclusive article describes the steps taken, costs allocated and groups involved in developing a mass casualty drill at Ohio State’s CSEAC.

Operations in Healthcare Simulation Nursing Education: Rise of the Specialist: H. Michael Young explains the changing face of simulation for nursing and the evolving roles and experiences involved.

Digital Issue Exclusive — Moral Injury to Medical Students: This digital exclusive article shows how medical students are exceptionally well trained to get a job done, no matter the obstacles.

Zero Preventable Deaths in 2020: The Patient Safety Movement Foundation mid-year working meeting held at UC Health reinforced the commitment to zero preventable deaths in 2020.

News in Review: A medical S&T news roundup from our editors.


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