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Magazine published: 20th, July 2018

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Editor’s Comment Editor-in-Chief Judith Riess outlines the growth of technology in medicine and how this growth must result in a safer environment.

Bristol Medical Simulation Centre: Judith Riess tells you about the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre located in the UK.

A Rater-Mediated Performance Assessment Test:  Quantum helps students master clinical skills and improve performance through assessment and simulation.

Closing the Training Gap: How Technology is Tackling Surgery’s Most Critical Challenges: Justin Barad, MD presents the ways technology is helping overcome some of surgery\’s highest hurdles.

Virtual Reality Comes of Age: Improvements in technology could significantly reduce the costs of training and simulation. Paul Pribaz reports.

Nurses Using Non-Evidence Based Processes for Common Procedures: Joe Kiani presents how non-evidence-based treatment can harm patients, whereas evidence-based treatment helps them.

HLTH: Future of Healthcare Conference:  HLTH allowed leading stakeholders from across the medical spectrum to share ideas, innovations and solutions to reduce cost and improve quality of care.

News in Review: A medical S&T news roundup from our editors.


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