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Medical Training Magazine‘s carefully tailored healthcare education, training and simulation specific readership offers advertisers the most targeted audience profile as well as the best value for their advertising and marketing budget.

The Healthcare sector faces a real challenge in the global shortage of trained personnel required by an industry with projected growth in demand higher than almost any other over the next ten years. This is compounded by two additional factors. The number of hours traditionally available in training has been reduced by regulators and increasing political and public awareness of the error rate within the healthcare system will result in demands for improvement.

Medical Training Magazine is committed to helping improve patient safety through changes and improvements to healthcare training. It will do so by focusing on best practices in training and by promoting the appropriate use of new training technology as well as tried and tested approaches to the soft skills that need to be developed in an effective healthcare team.

The identification of the training need, the subsequent development of curricula and the deployment and measurement of the return on investment, in terms of improved results and financial return will be key elements of the Journal.

Medical Training Magazine will target the education and training of healthcare professionals from the colleges and universities, into the hospital and throughout their healthcare career. Medical Training Magazine will also be informing educators, risk and business managers of the need for, and the benefits of, a new approach to healthcare education and training making best use of simulation as that technology continuously advances.

Medical Training Magazine is distributed to:
Risk Managers
Patient Care Managers
Quality Managers
Medical/Surgical Educators
Nursing Managers/Senior Nurses
Finance Managers
Purchasing Managers
Hospital/Health Centre Administrators
Hospital/Health Centre Lawyers

Distribution by Organization*

  • Hospitals – 30,889
  • Universities/Academic Institutes – 10,149
  • Training/Sim Centres – 1,765
  • Industry – 1,324

Total 44,127

Geographical Breakdown*

  • North America: 76%
  • Europe: 11%
  • Rest of the World: 13%

Digital Readership & Event Distribution*

Medical Training Magazine will be distributed electronically to an additional 25,000 US hospital and university staff each issue.

We will also provide bonus distribution at major healthcare training and simulation events, globally.


To discuss circulation and advertising options in MS&T Magazine, please contact:

North America:
Holly Foster
T: +1 813 944 0191

Rest of World:
Stephen Reed
T: +44 (0)1252 532007

*Publisher’s own data