2019 Editorial Schedule

MTM 1/2019

– Change Agent Issue: Focus Patient Safety through Improved Education, Training and Technology
– Parrish Medical Center’s Patient Safety Program
– AAMC Conference Report
– IHI Conference Report

MTM 2/2019

– Training for Optimum Performance in Robotic Surgery
– Hand in Hand: Curricula Development and Robotic Device Development
– Developing International Standards for Healthcare
– Benefits of Crash Cart Standardization
– Advantages of Black Box in OR
– IMSH Conference Report

MTM 3/2019

– Industry Perspective on Healthcare Service and Patient Safety
– How Technology Strengths/Weakens Healthcare
– Providing Enhanced Practice Using AR/AI-Go Surgery
– Using Technology and Simulation to Enhance Graduate Nurse Education (Part 2)
– How WATSON Enhances Medical Education
– Industry Working Group Conference Report
– Patient Safety Foundation Conference Report

MTM 4/2019

– Industry Lead in Developing Interoperability Standards
– Enhanced Curriculum Offered in Med Schools
– The Future of Healthcare
– Shortage of Caregivers and Technologies Role

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