Kaplan Nursing launches simulation for clinical judgments

Kaplan Nursing launches simulation for clinical judgments

Kaplan Nursing, which partners with nursing schools to prepare students for licensing exams and careers in healthcare, launched an interactive virtual simulation program through i-Human Patients (IHP) to help train nurses in making clinical judgments.

IHP is a high-performance, healthcare case-authoring and playback system that can simulate a nurse’s complete patient encounter such as recognizing, analyzing and prioritizing data; performing a nursing assessment; and evaluating patient outcomes.

The Kaplan Nursing virtual simulation program thorough IHP lets students practice the complete nursing process in a “safe space” before they interact with live patients. It provides feedback and clinical judgment guidance, regardless of the time of day or faculty staffing considerations; offers assessment analytics with objective user data by student or cohort and it can be used to complement or substitute existing clinical instruction.

Kaplan says HP is a key part of  its licensure operation and expands its professional healthcare licensure exam preparation offerings.

For more information, visit http://www.i-human.com.