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ePlus partners for VR surgical imaging

ePlus inc. recently announced its partnership with Intel and Surgical Theater. Together with its partners, ePlus will assist customers to bridge the knowledge gap between doctors and patients with Surgical Theater’s Precision VR technology. Powered...  Read more

Military personnel join forces for surgery

A joint surgical team comprised of three separate branches assembled at U.S. Air Force Hospital Langley in December to perform an operation. Consisting of a U.S. Navy surgeon, an Air Force nurse and an Army technician, the team was organized to perform a...  Read more

Medical-X releases Advanced Modular Manikin

Medical-X launched its latest high-fidelity Advanced Modular Manikin adult patient simulator ADAM-X to support a variety of core medical competencies training. The latest upgrades cover the following features including swelling of the face to simulate...  Read more