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Keyport First Aid Hosting Big Cadet Competition

When a catastrophe strikes, like the massive Keyport fire in April, first aid squads from several towns respond. It helps if those squads have strong preexisting relationships. That’s the idea behind the Bayshore EMS Cadet Competition, which takes...  Read more

The Role of Simulation in the Future of Medicine

Simulation has revolutionized product design and manufacturing across many industries including automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas exploration. The ability to develop new products and test different processes in a virtual environment allows us to...  Read more

VirtaMed Launches VR Hip Arthroscopy Simulator

VirtaMed introduced the ArthroS™ Hip Module for the VirtaMed ArthroS™ simulator – an anatomic model that the company says looks, feels and behaves like a real hip. Surgical trainees can palpate the bony landmarks or manipulate the joint to find...  Read more