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Big Bend obtains SSH accreditation

Big Bend
The Big Bend Community College Simulation Technology (Big Bend) program has just earned provisional accreditation status from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), the largest healthcare simulation accrediting body in the world. SSH...  Read more

The ‘sterile’ OR

Written by Andy Smith, MTM publisher Anyone who has had the misfortune to watch a hospital drama has seen it, the virtuoso surgeon in his multicolored scrubs complete with a head covering exhibiting trendy logos, chattering away about his/her...  Read more

Is the Future HOLO?

The University of Canberra uses holographic patients to augment nurse education. Dr. Jane Frost explains how using HoloPatient and HoloHuman has benefitted nursing students. Technology enhanced learning has the potential to transform simulation in health...  Read more

Inovus – A Start-Up Company With A Difference

The Inovus difference in medical education. Martin (Dim) Jones reports. When I was asked by my revered CEO to visit a small medical simulation company in St. Helens, I gently pointed out that my area of expertise – such as it is – lies in...  Read more