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3D Systems releases new gastric bleeding module

gastric bleeding
3D Systems has released new patient-specific modules, updates and configurations to its products. Gastric Emergency Bleeding Modules Clipping for gastric bleeding will soon be available in 3D Systems’ Advanced Gastric Emergency Bleeding Module for the...  Read more

Osso VR releases results of validation study

Osso VR announced the results of its first validation study showing a 230 percent improvement in the participants’ overall surgical performance when prepared with virtual reality (VR) training.  The study, titled “Randomized, Controlled Trial of...  Read more

The ‘sterile’ OR

Written by Andy Smith, MTM publisher Anyone who has had the misfortune to watch a hospital drama has seen it, the virtuoso surgeon in his multicolored scrubs complete with a head covering exhibiting trendy logos, chattering away about his/her...  Read more