3D Systems releases DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 metal 3D printers

3D Systems releases DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 metal 3D printers

3D Systems released the DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 for metal 3D printing and dental applications.

Designed to be used for R&D (Research and Development), application development and production, the DMP Flex 100 provides up to twice the throughput compared to 3D Systems’ previous entry-level metal 3D printer, the ProX DMP 100. The DMP Flex 100 produces metal parts with fine details and thin walls – achieving accuracy, repeatability and surface finish. The surface finish is the nature of a surface defined by the characteristics of lay, surface roughness and waviness.

The DMP Flex 100 is equipped with enough power to process a material spectrum that includes different grades of Titanium and other alloys. 3D Systems is offering LaserForm® CoCr (B) and LaserForm 17-4PH (B) with tested and optimized print databases.

3DXpert™, 3D Systems’ all-in-one software solution for Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), is included with the DMP Flex 100 to ensure a streamlined and repeatable process for high-quality optimized prints.

The DMP Dental 100 is an entry-level solution designed for a maximum price/performance ratio that produces high-quality, metal dental prostheses in a business-boosting digital workflow. Outstanding surface quality means minimal post-processing is required and a typical print accuracy of 50-microns ensures an exceptional fit for crown copings, bridges, suprastructures as well as for partial frames.